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Discussion in 'Treo 750' started by stingrayx, May 3, 2007.

  1. stingrayx

    stingrayx New Member

    Does anyone use any GPS software/equipment on their 750?

    I was thinking about installing a separate kind of GPS reciever in my car, but, since I already have this device, and I know it's got the optional GPS equipment add ons, I thought maybe go that route instead. I know I need the software and receiver.

    If anyone uses GPS equipment with their 750 and wouldn't mind sharing about it, I'd like to hear from ya.

    By the way I was wondering if anyone also had a good opinion of the best/worst sellers i.e. Tomtom... Garmin etc. (Which one do you prefer?)

  2. kjkurtz20

    kjkurtz20 New Member

    I would use telenav. Thats what I have. It sucks to have another fee a month, but its well worth it with all the like search gas stations by price and the very up to date maps. And if you buy the gps receiver from them its very small and works very well.
  3. stingrayx

    stingrayx New Member

    After comparing GPS prices and equipment I found out Telenav was a service provided by my service provider. I bought it, installed the software and charged the bluetooth gps reciever but became very disapointed.

    The Telenav website doesn't specify maps that are or are not available for the Treo 750. There are really nice looking 3D maps available from Telenav, but they're not compatible with my phone. Though the system itself was fine, I felt it wasn't what I expected from the Telenav website.

    I returned it but still got to see what my Treo was really capable of and I was pleased with that much.
  4. cle24

    cle24 New Member

    Is there a GPS software out for 700w with Verizon?
  5. stingrayx

    stingrayx New Member

    I dont think so. I looked at their website which has all of the available accesories for that particular phone and I didn't see any GPS receiver. You should try checking with an individual GPS provider like TOMTOM or Garmin. On their website, enter your phone model and they should be able to tell you if they're selling products (GPS recievers) that are compatible with your phones model and provider. However, in my opinion, I would not use that kind on software/service on my phone yet others have found it to be a great deal of help to them while navigating.
  6. mycooltoast

    mycooltoast New Member

    holux 236 bluetooth receiver and tomtom 6 work fine on it.
  7. gdseric

    gdseric New Member

    Telenav rules. End of story. Yeah, there are services/hardware out there with mo whistles and bells available, but Telenav works BEAUTIFULLY with my 750 - in fact, I sang its praises on another Everything Treo forum months ago. I still use it DAILY and it continues to outperform anything else I have tried.
  8. franklinmall

    franklinmall New Member

    I finally figured out how to add addresses and look up businesses on the web and synchronize them to my Navigator's "Favorites". If anyone is interested here is the link: