Geakware Releases New Version of TreoGuard

Geakware Releases New Version of TreoGuard

By: Christopher Meinck

Geakware has updated their version of TreoGuard from 1.6.08 to 1.7.03. Improvements include:

  • Fixed issue with ‘Turn radio on after reset’ feature. This feature would not work if the ‘Radio on at’ checkbox was not selected and the ’30 second delay’ checkbox was also checked.
  • Fixed conflict with Treo 600 built-in mail application and sprint Business Connection. This conflict caused the built-in mail application and the Sprint Business connection application to fail to connect if the ‘Lock ringer volume’ feature was enabled.
  • Fixed issue with BT headset hangup when the ‘Toggle Screen’ action is assigned to the red phone button (Treo 650 only).
    - Added ‘Toggle Screen’ action. This allows any of the four application buttons to toggle the screen on/off.
  • Added support for disabling the Treo 650 side button for incoming calls. This prevents the ringer from being silenced by that button.
  • Modified ‘Power buttons toggle screen’ feature to work on both the Treo 600 and the Treo 650.

TreoGuard is available from the Everything Treo Software Store, or by selecting ‘Updates & Support’ from the TreoGuard ‘Options’ menu.

A forthcoming beta with include:

  • Radio Scheduling
  • Aeroplayer Support

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