Geakware Releases TreoGuard Update

Geakware Releases TreoGuard Update

By: Christopher Meinck

TreoGuard, geakware’s best-selling utility for Treo 600 and Treo 650
smartphones, has recently been updated. TreoGuard is an inexpensive
utility for the Treo 600 and Treo 650 that can play MP3 ringtones, save
your battery by turning off the
screen during calls, save your hearing by disabling alarms during calls, prevent accidental key presses from answering or ignoring incoming calls, schedule your radio to turn on and off at a specified time each day, and much more!

Updates include:

  • Improved phone scheduling feature allows multiple on/off times per day. Now there’s no schedule TreoGuard can’t keep.
  • AeroPlayer has been added as an option when selecting an MP3 ringtone. Supported players now include AeroPlayer and Pocket Tunes.
  • Many minor enhancements and bug fixes were also added. See the
    ReleaseNotes.txt file included in the distribution for all of the
    changes in this release.

Current TreoGuard users can get the new version simply by selecting
‘Updates & Support’ from the TreoGuard ‘Options’ menu.

TreoGuard is available as a free trial and retails for $8.99.

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