got Treo T Shirts

got Treo? T-Shirts

By: Christopher Meinck

Own a Treo and want to let everyone one know that you’ve got the coolest smartphone on the planet. There’s not better way (other than your Treo 650 or Treo 600) than the new got Treo? t-shirt. Geeky gadget folks, like me, will immediately see you in a different light. "Look at the cool guy or girl, they must be a Treo owner. How cool!" For others, you’ll most likely get blank stares and field questions like "What’s a Tree-oh? or Tray-yo?". In which you can respond with it’s a smartphone that allows me to check email, browse the web, customize ringtones, manage my contacts, get organzed and it makes phone calls.

Either way, you can help but look sharp in the new Everything Treo "got Treo" t-shirt. It’s imprinted on a high-quality 100% cotton Gildan Heavyweight. Sizes: S,M,L, XL. It’s only $15.95 and will be available shortly through the store.Limited quantities available. (don’t worry, we can always make more!)

got Treo? t-shirt from Everything Treo

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