GSM Palm Pre Unlocked with Rebel Simcard

Those looking to unlock the GSM Palm Pre from O2 have a not-so-elegant option in the Rebel Simcard II. The accessory retails for £10.99 / $17.95 and slots between the Pre’s SIM slot and the carrier SIM. The unlock offers full access to voice and 3G data. The GSM Palm Pre does not have the radio to support 3G in the US, but this would with EDGE.

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  1. In Europe the Pre is being sold w/o any kind of SIM/provider/network lock, so why should I have to unlock it ?

  2. VasilisUK says:

    Actually it is locked to O2 in the UK.

  3. The UK Pre is sim locked to O2. German pre is sold with no lock.

  4. dirkcolumn says:

    Anyone used this with a vodafone sim? Everything works except SMS out – I cannot find where to set the Contact Centre Address?

  5. I brought this product in December and it worked fine until the middle of January when it started losing 3g reception if I travel from one place in London to another. The only way to regain it is to turn the handset off then back on again I tried to contact rebel sim and was told I had to pay them again for them to even attempt to solve the problem. after this I was shouted at and had the phone hung up on me on two occasions!!! I won’t be buying any other products from them steer clear.

  6. yes extremly poor support from rebel simcard. just update to 1.4 firmware and my phone is no more unlock. thouse bustards at reber seems to not give a f. 10£ for nothing busards:(

  7. Sugarcube says:

    I have had five rebel simcard IIs and four have gone wrong. Two were sent back to Solutions Point and presumbaly reflashed. One of them worked for about 12 hours and theo other not at all. So…. some Rebel Simcards work for a few days then seem to lose their EPROM coding.

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