Hat Trick for Treo

Hat Trick for Treo

December 16, 2006

By: Christopher Meinck

Palm Canada has announced a new Treo giveaway that suprisingly revolves
around hockey. As Canadian’s and hockey fans in general gear up for upcoming “Battle of Ontario”, Palm has announced the Hat Trick for Treo Contest. Contestants must visit www.hattrickfortreo.com and select the winner in any of the following games:

  • Dec. 17 – Toronto Maple Leafs vs. the Ottawa Senators
  • Dec. 23 – Calgary Flames vs. Vancouver Canucks
  • Dec. 31 – Calgary Flames vs. Edmonton Oilers
  • Maple Leafs Treo

    The number of Treo smartphones up for grabs depends on the number of
    goals scored by the winning team. And if a player scores a hat trick (three
    goals) during any of these games, the number of Treo smartphones awarded for
    that game will be tripled (28 hat tricks have already been scored this

    And as added incentive, Palm Canada is also offering the “Stanley Cup of
    smartphones” in each draw – a customized, tricked-up Treo 600 smartphone,
    decorated in crystals representing the colour of each team’s logo.

    Editors note: As a US citizen, I’m not eligible to participate. I will predict Monday’s score: New York Islanders 5 – Toronto Maple Leafs 1.

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