Hobbyist Software Releases Initiate 2.0

Hobbyist Software Releases Initiate 2.0

By: Christopher Meinck

Initiate is a launcher created for specifically for smartphones such as the Treo 650. It allows for instant access to your contacts, media and software applications.

In addition to the standard functionality you expect from a launcher, like beam, delete, rename, and SD card support, Initiate extends the launcher idiom to contacts, bookmarks, memos and audio files. It provides immediate access to any software title on the smartphone. Type-to-Search allows items to be found quickly, intuitively and incredibly simply – even using the numeric keys on a smartphone to search ‘txt-style’. The revolutionary ‘Smart-Search’ option offers users an even faster search method where they can skip typing common letters such as vowels to get an even faster match.

“Initiate 2.0 ais designed to streamline and extendsextend the functionality of Palm Powered smart mobile devices to deliver a highly enhanced user experience,” said Larry Berkin, director developer marketing, PalmSource. “The application allows for quick launch and search capabilities on Palm Powered devices which we believe makes it an excellent choice for those who need handy access instantly.”

“We believe Initiate 2.0 offers users power, speed and integration in an application that is easy to use even for those who are not technically savvy,” said Rob Jonson, president of Hobbyist Software. “This is the first time a launcher has been designed for the smartphone. The user will see and love the difference.”

Initiate runs on any device with Palm OS 3.5 or higher – though it is optimised for smartphones. New features in Initiate 2.0 include an integrated audio console, greater content integration and a stunning new interface as well as features such as drag-and-drop and category support which make switching from a traditional launcher even easier.

“I can easily find, launch and execute anything on my Treo 650. Initiate is skinnable, configurable, and has virtually no learning curve or conflicts with any other application on my Treo. It is literally the ‘final piece of the puzzle’ in making Palm Powered devices completely integrated across the board,” said Peter J. Arts, an asssociate Writer of PalmAddict.com.

Initiate 2.0 new features in brief:

  • Drag-and-drop capability to manage file beaming, deleting, etc
  • Icon-View mode to display large application icons with contacts and other content
  • Category support to further organise your content
  • Integrated mini-audio-console to control playback directly from the launcher page
  • A new interface and a host of new display and customization options

Initiate 2.0 is now available and retails for $24.95.

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