How To Stream Howard Stern On Your Palm Pre

In the coming months, there is a good chance we’ll see Sirius/XM port their iPhone application to webOS and the Palm Pre. Despite being an official Sirius product, the application does not allow for streaming of Howard Stern. iPhone owners have been using PocketTunes, an application that many Palm OS enthusiasts will recognize. We reached out to the makers of PocketTunes, but they will not discuss future products. There is a way to stream Howard 101 on the Palm Pre today and it comes via LuvMyQ9c in our Palm Pre forums. Follow these easy steps to start streaming Howard Stern.

  1. Open in the browser.
  2. In the search box, type Howard 101.
  3. Click on Listen Now and it will start streaming immediately.


Of course, the afternoon on Howard 101 features Bubba The Love Sponge, so check Sirius for the schedule.


  1. Awesome! I didn’t even know shoutcast worked on Pre
    Thank you!

  2. Why anyone would want to listen to that windbag is beyond me. Bubba can take a flying leap too.

  3. That’s awesome!!! Shoutcast is now bookmarked!

  4. Meltedwire says:

    Hrolf, Bubba is awesome, you obviously haven’t listened to his shows, so why even post in this thread? As far as Howard, I don’t even need to defend him.

  5. Don’t care :-|

  6. @ Meltedwire

    Living in Florida for 22 years, Tampa, St Pete, and Clearwater, Obviously, I HAVE listened to the fat turd, from his early days at 93.3 Power Pig, up to his last shows. Off and on he has been hilarious, but most of the time it was the people in the studio he had with him that made me laugh. He is a dirtbag that has no real value to radio, unless your a teen who likes to hear about strippers and boobies and poop.

    Now Ned…wherever he is, deserves HIS own show!!

    You cant defend howard, he is as bad, no worse the Bubba. Neither of them contribute anything worthwhile and while I like stupid humor as much as anyone, Howard is simply a Douche bag with no comedic value.

    again, the people who were in his show are usually more talented then he is and like Bubba, they should be neither seen or heard.

  7. How is this remotely legal?

  8. Awful. Would rather a method to listen to Opie & Anthony.

  9. prerookie says:

    I don’t know how smart this is to post in a blog. It’s a great way to bring unnecessary attention to this and have Don Buckwald send a cease and desist to Shoutcast. The forum is one thing because you have to be registered and even that is a risk but making this a blog post is not smart. My 2.

  10. healimonster says:

    Now is someone can figure out how to stream WEEI I will be in business.

  11. @pbkavh you can… just type Opie and Anthony into the search instead. I just tried it out of curiosity and I’m listening to them right now (well the replay at least)

  12. I get “there was an error playing the file” with this and every other Shoutcast stream. Thoughts?

  13. well… Howard found about this on his show today and he sent a C&D Letter to stop the feeds. Its dead as of today….:(

  14. Sweet works great thanks man!

  15. I have a Sirius/XM subscription and listen on pocket tunes on my iPod touch and now listen while I am in my car on my palm pre plus with this method. Works great thanks for all the help!!

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