HP Delivers webOS 2.1 To European Pre Plus Phones

Good news for those of you who live in Europe. webOS 2.1 is available for the German Palm Pre Plus. Updating is not your typical OTA variety, but requires you download the webOS 2.1 doctor from their site. Bad news for those of us stateside, as the doctor will not work with Pre Plus phones on US carriers. There is a movement in place that will allow you to modify the doctor for use on your phones, but appears to be in the alpha stages.

Still no word from Palm on their plan to “make things right“. One would assume webOS 2.1 runs perfectly fine on Pre Plus devices, given an official release in Europe. While we applaud the efforts of webOS Internals, there really needs to be an official release available from HP. For most, updates that require terminal entries is far from a realistic upgrade path.



  1. That’s a really good update, keep them coming, thanks for sharing!!..


  2. As a U.S. user seeing all of this love thrown towards the U.K. and really not much given our way is grinding my gears a lot. Is there a difference internally between their Plus phones and ours? What gives? The Pre 2 launched in a European country first. The Veer is set to launch in Germany first.

    You can have all the press conferences in the world, but until you get the product in the hands of the people you’re not doing any thing but blowing smoke.

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