HP Pre 3 Cases

The HP Pre 3 is the ultimate webOS phone. With it’s super large display, QWERTY keyboard and advanced operating system, it’s simply one of the best smartphones on the market. It’s also expensive, so it makes sense that you’d like to shop HP Pre 3 cases to find a good way to protect your new phone. You are in luck. The Everything Pre Store is a a literal candy store for webOS fans and you’ll have no trouble finding a great HP Pre 3 case.

You can expect several case manufacturers to deliver form fit cases both in the hard shell and skin case variety for the Pre 3. Once the phone is released, you’ll find that companies like Seidio and Otterbox will be among the first to offer cases that made to fit perfectly.
HP Pre 3

In the interim, there are already a good selection of accessories that fit the Pre 3. The Palm Leather Side Case and Leather Slip Case are both very good options. They are made by Palm and will fit your phone. Other options include the a larger organizer case. These are great stop gap cases, but nothing we could highly recommend.

HP Pre 3 cases

If you are planning on taking your phone to the beach or on vaction, then you might want to consider the Aquapac Handheld Case. The Aquapac case is fully waterproof to a depth of 15 feet. It is also salt-water and UV (sunlight) resistant, this case will keep your HP Pre 3 clean and dry in any conditions, the Aquaclip seal makes sure it stays free from dirt, dust and sand.

While we’d love to have you as a customer of the Everything Pre Store, we realize there are choices when it comes to purchasing accessories online. Our accessory stores have shipping over 2,000,000 million orders. We are so confident in our service that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are unhappy with any of our HP Pre 3 cases, you can return them for a full refund.

With the HP Pre 3, you have the premier webOS phone. Enjoy your phone and find suitable protection to ensure years of happiness with your new device.