HP Pre 3 Not Coming To Sprint

Since the launch of the original Palm Pre back in June of 2009, there haven’t been any new webOS devices on Sprint. Anyone who was with Palm at the start of webOS has buzzed through their 2 year committment, desperate for a webOS phone of any kind. Many hoped that Sprint would get back on board with the HP Pre 3. That’s not the case according to This Is My Next. They claim a trusted source within Sprint  saying that the HP Pre 3 is not coming to Sprint and there are no plans for any future webOS device.

HP Pre 3

Sprint has become cozy with Android phones, but many webOS faithful were hopeful they would jump back in the game with the HP Pre 3. If TIMN sources are correct, that doesn’t seem to be the case. This report also jibes with the leaked Sprint roadmap, which didn’t have any webOS devices listed.

via This Is My Next

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