HP Pre 3 World Phone Passes Through FCC

The GSM Pre 3 already passed through the FCC and now comes a CDMA + GSM variant, which paves the way for the release of a world phone capable Pre 3. FCC materials describe this as supporting CDMA + FCC. That of course narrows down the release of the HP 3 being on either Verizon, Sprint or both. Our gut says it’ll be an exclusive with one carrier. This is a tough spot for Palm. Verizon is clearly the larger carrier, but so many webOS enthusiasts are Sprint customers.
HP Pre 3 World Phone

Both the Pre 3 and Touchpad are scheduled for a summer release. Summer officially starts on June 21st.

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  2. Corwinsr says:

    Better be Sprint. There’s no backlash like a fan backlash.

  3. Yes, PLEASE SPRINT!!!!  

  4. drmiller says:

    If Hewlett and Packard rise from the grave, you are in trouble only one way, HP.  That way is Verizon.  Try to get a clue, Sprint bet on WebOS, and won.  You bought a winner, you have walked on it a bit, please don’t finish it off.  Dance with who brung you!  Sprint!
        The only cell phone that is a functional business laptop is The Palm Pre.  The pad I will buy is the Palm WebPad, the potential laptop of the future.


  5. GREENMONK94 says:

     plz to att!

  6. Brian ingles says:

    Sprint for life! Unless webos products go to verizon ha ha seriously
    I have waited so long for this release I can’t hardly take it.

  7. “supporting CDMA + FCC”? What? Is that a typo that meant GSM?

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