HP Teases Us With TouchPad Videos

The HP TouchPad release date is July 1st. In advance of the release, the promotion wheels are beginning to turn. Evidence of which are a few videos from HP that show the TouchPad in action. Caution: Viewing these videos will give a feeling of gadget-lust.


  1. Techblogger says:

    I simply do not understand the rush of getting a tablet to the market when clearly it needs additional work. In the first video at the 1:24 mark as he scrolls through available books, the screen is laggy. Then inside one book, the graphic rotating the cylinder, its not smooth either.

  2. @Techblogger

    I was thinking exactly the same thing. If this is how it performs in a promo-video then I can only assume it’ll be worse in our hands! Unless they have some all-encompassing lag-fixing update planned? :s
    I’m a little concerned…

  3. Joseph Grabowski says:

    I have a Palm Pre Plus, and I absolutely love it. If the TouchPad has all those features, and more, then I am all for it. Unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to be an early adopter, as it’s priced a bit out of my range.

    This is a make-or-break moment for webOS — promoted right, it could really make up for lost ground in the tablet wars. Conversely, if this opportunity is squandered, I don’t know if there’ll be another chance. I sincerely hope that it’s the former, as I think that webOS is amazing, and has the potential to be a game-changer.

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