HP Teases With New Invite “Think Again”

HP has sent another round of invites, but this time letting everyone know that the tablet renders seen on Engadget are not the latest. The copy reads, “Think you saw the latest on Engadget? Think again.”


  1. I think i just let out a squeal.

  2. Well played, HP/Palm. Well-played indeed.

  3. HP is making buzz marketing. Reboot and think again with clues.
    1.- Todd Bradley said before, that HP will be launching 2 smartphones every 2 months. Total 6 devices for the 2011.

    2.- On the Palm Blog before post Twas the week after Christmas , one of the lines of that poem says: “More smartphones are coming in two-o-one-one.”

    3.-Phones are coming The Manta and the Broadway.

    4.- HP has made a casting call for young people for Topaz ,Manta and Broadway devices

    5.- HP webos tablet is coming in March 2011, according to foxnews
    The pictures from engadget are old pics of a before prototype. Remember HP/Palm did not show something about webos devices at CES 2011, were watching the competition to make a final decision about how those 3 webos devices will come up and still.

    “So we’ve announced February 9th we have a broad public set of announcements, broadly about the future of webOS and the breath of products that it’ll enable.” Todd Bradley

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