HP TouchPad Accessories, Prices and Availability

You are planning on picking up an HP TouchPad on July 1st, so it’s time to start thinking about HP TouchPad accessories. As you’d expect from Palm HP, they don’t skimp when it comes to developing great accessories for webOS devices. The TouchPad touchstone includes an AC adapter and cable. Walmart will have these priced at $79.88. Ouch! Additional TouchPad AC adapters are $29.88. The HP branded (and TouchPad touchstone compatible) case is $49.88, while the supported keyboard is $59.88.

HP TouchPad Touchstone Dock

The HP TouchPad Touchstone dock is one good looking accessory.

Are you planning on picking up any TouchPad accessories at launch or feeling a bit of sticker shock?

via webOS Roundup


  1. Cyber411 says:

    I think with the Touchpad pricing, it’s very competitive with the Ipad brand. Acessories are on-par with the Ipad & other Tablets brand. Also with HP well known as a brand recognition, i think consumers will respect that & buy the Touchpad, because of them having HP(pcs,printers,labtops & etc). With that said they’re already sold.

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