HP Veer 4G, Available on AT&T May 15th

Yes, the day is upon us. The first HP branded webOS device, the Veer 4G, will be available on AT&T starting on May 15th. The Veer will be available in both black and white. Priced at $99.99 (with a new 2-year agreement), the Veer is one of the smallest smartphones available.

Early reports are that despite the small size, the Veer 4G is a very powerful little phone. So are you jumping for the Veer or waiting for the upcoming Pre 3? That’s the question facing many Palm faithful coming May 15th.

via Palm Blog


  1. Couldn’t wait and have already switched to the Atrix 4G…If Palm had teased a slab phone then I would have waited, it killed me to do this but they are just too far behind now in phones and, unfortunately, apps.

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