HP Veer 4G Hands On Video, Unboxing

Here’s a first look at the HP Veer 4G, coming to AT&T on May 15th at a price of $99.99 (with a 2-year agreement). Our first impressions are as you’d expect, the Veer is surprisingly small. The keyboard is reminiscent of the Palm Pre Plus keyboard, but improved. It is smaller than the Pre keyboard, with the keys roughly the size of those found on the Pixi Plus. The magnetic latch is a welcome addition. No more USB doors to fiddle with and the latch attaches with ease. The back of the HP Veer is a hard plastic, slightly different from the Touchstone backing on the Pre.

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We haven’t spent much time yet with the Veer, but build quality appears to be pretty solid throughout. The sliding mechanism is very smooth and quiet. The HP Veer is the antithesis of today’s smartphones. In a crowded field of large screen devices, the HP Veer dares to move in the opposite direction, with it’s impossibly small stature. Thanks to it’s small size and support for lanyards, it could have wide appeal to those looking for wearable tech or those looking to avoid the bulk found in other larger phones. It’s not a word I use often, but the Veer is “cute”. I can say with certainty that we won’t see Veer commercials with F16’s bombing corn fields.

Stay tuned for our review in the coming week.


  1. Elser34 says:

    great first impression. Better than on the other pre central :)
    So, there is EITHER a usb adapter OR a 3,5mm jack. I hoped it was both togehter. BUmmer! Never the less i’m going to get it. But I also wanted to get the kin back than. Lets hope this decission is more trendi :)

  2. Super cool video for a first impression. Please keep the quality for the review (which I hope will have videos, too). :)

  3. JeffS79 says:

    I’m gunning for a Pre 3 to replace my Pre-. This looks like a great little piece of hardware and I was really hoping to grab one for my wife. Too bad we won’t be seeing it on Sprint though : (

  4. Matias says:

    loving the natural environment on the video. do it that way for a video review!

  5. hawaii says:

    How you run a a HP/Palm/webOS/Pre enthusiast site and don’t know that the “little black thing” is a magnetic 3.5mm adapter is ridiculous.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’ll be sure to mention that when I write my review. I do hope you found the video useful and timely.

  7. Eric Woodruff+etp says:

    What kind of reviewer says on a video “I’m not sure what that is”. HELLO?! do your homework first!

  8. Anonymous says:

    This is not a review. It’s an unboxing video, taken 5 minutes after receiving a product. Check back for the review, which should be sometime this week.

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