HP Veer Event Scheduled for May 2nd, AT&T Launch Soon After?

HP is hosting an event on May 2nd in Anaheim for Best Buy and AT&T employees. The event is online (see graphic below), so no surprises here that it’s all about the Veer. “Come see why small is the new big!” reads the tagline. One would presume that information about the launch would available on or around this date. While it’s perfectly normal to invite tech journalists to events without the promise of a release date, this is an entirely different event. Attendees are in sales, so it would be surprising if launch dates, pricing were not available.

HP Veer event

Are you planning on picking up the Veer or do you have your heart set on the Pre 3? Regardless of your preference, isn’t nice that we’re finally getting close to seeing a new webOS phone get released.

via PreCentral


  1. Am I to understand correctly that these devices, the HP touch, etc have another format or system, what is webOS? What else can you use it with or are you trying to sell another format/OS? I’m very confused. Thank You 

  2. Doramjan says:

    Donna, good question.  Yes, these devices (The HP Veer, Touchpad, and Pre 3) all have a different operating system called webOS.  Palm developed webOS and released it on the original Palm Pre in June 2009.  It is based on Linux and provides an unprecedented level of polish and slickness for the user interface as well as unprecedented freedom to tinker/modify if you want.  In my opinion webOS marries the best parts of iOS (slickness and ease of use) with the best part of Android (openness).

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