HP’s Todd Bradley and Palm’s Jon Rubinstein Talk webOS

HP’s Todd Bradley and Palm’s Jon Rubinstein took the stage at Fortune Magazine’s Brainstorm tech conference. As one would expect, the focus was on HP’s plans for the future of webOS. Bradley indicated the company’s thinking post-acquisition¬†has been, “how do we proliferate webOS of a family of devices“. HP has plans to release a Windows based slate this fall. ¬†They do have plans to bring webOS to printers, slates and of course smartphones. No dates or confirmation of new hardware was announced although Jon Rubinstein confirmed that Palm has “a great roadmap in place“.

Fortune Brainstorm Tech

Rubinstein also indicated that webOS 2.0 is coming later this year. When questioned about whether a webOS slate would include support for Flash, Rubinstein indicated Palm is working with Adobe and testing Flash with webOS.

The event also had it’s Oprah moment, with Todd Bradley informing the crowd they would all receive a free AT&T Palm Pre Plus with 90 days of free service.


  1. akitayo says:

    JR also said they have a hardware roadmap. About flash IMHO they still have some significant battery drainage with the 10.1 version.

  2. digitalYout' says:

    we’ve waited so long for Flash that I don’t even care anymore. Adobe lied to us all along so did DataVitz about Docs to go.

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