Palm Pre Forums Member Scores Early Hands On

Doc31, a forum member of at Precentral, was able to get some hands-on time with the Pre. While he only was able to get a few minutes with the Pre, that’s certainly more than anyone who doesn’t work for either Palm or Sprint.

Feel:  The riverstone metaphor is under rated. This thing feels GREAT. SOLID but kind of organic, its kind of hard to explain but it feels GREAT The pictures of the screen blending to the device it very true. You don’t tell the difference when touching the screen or the phone!

The slider. Very simple the best slider I have ever felt. When open its like a expensive knife when the handle is balanced with the blade, or maybe its just because it rest in my palm well.

The keyboard. It won’t be a problem for me. I’m used to the Treo755 KB, its better in the centro kb and IMO better then the Treo Pro KB; maybe because the keys are harder.

OS: I didn’t get far with that at all. But everything seemed responsive, but I wouldn’t say fast. iphone speed at least. The phone app seemed to take a second to load but all good still. Also I just wanted to say the OS as a whole looks amazing. It just feels fresh and new and I promise a lot of people will be impressed with just the call screen alone. The speakerphone and earpiece are very very clear. Much better then my diamond or any treo in the past.


Thanks Fazzy at PreCentral!

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