Palm Pre Release Date Bingo Contest Winners

Today we are pleased to announce the winners of Palm Pre Release Date Bingo, part of our Ultimate Palm Pre Giveaway. By the time June 6th rolls around, we’ll have given away over $2000 in prizes.  Congratulations to jermaine and docjj. They both correctly guessed June 6th as the release date of the Palm Pre and were then selected by a random drawing of ten members who correctly selected the release date of the Pre.

They join Kaz the Clunk and dramaticdiva1, winners of our “Why Me? Palm Pre” video contest.

Can I Still Win?

There are still two ways to enter the remaining contests in our Ultimate Palm Pre Giveaway.

Tweet Pre

To enter, simply follow @everythingpre on Twitter and post this tweet. Complete contest rules and regulations.

I just entered to win a Palm Pre! Follow @everythingpre and retweet for a chance to win.

Forum Giveaway

Join the premier Palm Pre Forum and make just 10 quality posts before midnight PST on June 2nd, 2009 and you will be entered into a random drawing. Duplicate accounts and running up posts (posts deemed not to meet our quality criteria, but simply posting for the sake of posting) will be disqualified.

Note: Just to confirm that real people win our contests, we’re asking all of our winners to submit a photo with their prize.


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