Palm Pre Gets Reviewed

Just a little over 24 hours ago, BGR secured themselves a Palm Pre and promised a full review was forthcoming. Today BGR delivered on their promise offering up a comprehensive review of the Palm Pre.  Here are a few select snippets from BGR’s review. Visit their site for the complete review, complete with photos.

The screen is where the Palm Pre shines. Selections take little to no effort and there’s that oh-so-magical water ripple effect when actually touching the display. It’s vibrant, rich and all around really clear.

Keyboard: It’s really not good. You can’t compete with RIM in the keyboard area and you can’t compete with Apple in the soft-keyboard area, so how are people going to enjoy using your product when the data entry isn’t perfection?

It’s fits perfectly in your hand and Palm did a great job blending an awesome touchscreen with a separate multi-touch gesture area, sliding design, and everything else together in this package.

To be honest, the device feels a little cheap. The edges of the bottom piece are sharp on the back of the screen and even worse, when sliding it up and down, the top part that houses the screen will sometimes catch on itself.

ake that for what you will but we don’t see a problem with Palm’s quoted battery life and from other reports, the battery is a pretty decent at keeping you going throughout the day.

The browser for the most part renders pages properly and pretty quickly.


 Overall, they seem pleased with the Pre calling the OS great. 

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