Forum Members Score Early Palm Pre Demo At Best Buy

Just days away from the June 6th release and there have been plenty of “in the wild” sightings of Sprint employees using the Palm Pre. For most of us, the Palm Pre phones have been under lock and key until Saturday. Not so for two of our forum members who happened upon a Best Buy employee willing to allow them some hands-on time with the Palm Pre. The phone was not activated, so most of their pre-view was a look at the hardware. While certainly not a substitute for a review, here are their thoughts after their brief encounter with the Palm Pre.

  • It was a lot more solid than I feared it was going to be after reading a couple of reviews that said it was “plasticy”
  • The keyboard seemed awesome…though I didnt actually type with them…just pretended to.
  • Above all – what surprised us both was how much smaller it was in person than what we had been seeing in videos online. We still loved it and think the form will be nice in our pockets…hopefully the screen size will still be satisfactory once we see things on it. 

If you have questions, the two seem more than willing to share their initial thoughts regarding the Pre.

Thanks godsidekurt and austin.nealeigh!

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