Getting Started on the Palm Pre

We are not sure if Sprint representatives will be assisting customers with the initial set-up of the Palm Pre, but rest assured the process is pretty straightforward and takes no more than a few minutes to complete. We’ve detailed the entire process of getting started with the Palm Pre in the gallery below. Once you completed the activation of the Palm Pre, you’ll be greeted with a short tutorial on the basics of using gestures. Swiping from right to left acts as a “back button” and will take you one step backward. I found myself using the display area initially and not the “gesture” area that is just below the screen. Once you complete the short tutorial, the Palm Pre displays a short welcome video that’s worth watching. To complete the process, the Pre has to restart. For those wondering about boot times, I’ve included that in the video as well.


 While the Palm Pre is very easy to use, webOS is an entirely new platform. For some, you have to unlearn some of the habits you might have from using other touch screen phones. For example, if you are coming from an iPhone, you’ll find some similarities (pinch and zoom) and others that are simply different. I’m off to “have fun” with the Palm Pre. Be sure to check back for our comprehensive review of the Palm Pre in the coming days.

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