Palm Pre Forums Now webOS Friendly

Today marks the launch of the Palm Pre phone and we’re please to introduce our new webOS friendly Palm Pre Forums. Fast, easy and fun. Simply visit our Palm Pre Forums from the Pre and you’ll be greeted with a webOS optimized forum filled with the latest Pre discussions happening in our community. It’s just one more reason to become a member of our community. As a member of our Palm community, you can comment on articles, take part in discussions in our Palm Pre forums and gain access to thousands of Palm Pre wallpapers. Share your Palm Pre review for a chance to win one of two Palm Touchstone chargers. EverythingPre also offers the first and only Pre Social network where you can share photos, videos, network, add applications, write on walls, create groups and send messages. Have fun with the Palm Pre and we hope you’ll consider becoming a member of our community!

Palm Pre Forums

Join the Everything Pre community today! Facebook user? Our site supports Facebook® Connect allowing you to sign in using your Facebook login information. Just click on the Facebook Connect icon and you’ll have access in seconds. You can save posts back to your profile. Taking part in a discussion? You’ll receive notifications in Facebook when an update has occured. Note: does not store or have access to your login information.

Palm Pre Forums

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