Palm Promotes Rubinstein To CEO, Colligan Moving to Elevation Partners

Palm  chairman, Jon Rubinstein, will now assume the role of CEO for the company effective June 16th. After 16 years, Ed Colligan steps down from his role as CEO and join private equity firm Elevation Partners. Elevation Partners has a 25 percent stake in Palm, so the ties to Palm will remain for Colligan.

In a Palm press released, Rubinstein said, “I am very excited about taking on this expanded role at Palm. Ed and I have worked very hard together the past two years, and I’m grateful to him for everything he’s done to help set the company up for success.

Colligan left Palm years ago to join Handspring, the company that effectively started the smartphone revolution with the Handspring Treo 180. Palm bought Handspring in 2003, where Colligan then became the companies CEO. The company had a few misteps in previous years, but Colligan realized the need for a ‘fresh approach’ and helped recruit new talent, the most prominent being Rubinstein.

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