Sprint Has Sold 100,000 Palm Pre Phones

According to J.P. Morgan analyst Paul Coster, Sprint has sold 100,000 Palm Pre phones since the launch on June 6th. Coster believes 50,000 phones were sold during the first two days and the company may have sold an additional 50,000 through other channels in the days that followed.

“Channel checks conducted Thursday, the 11th, suggest shipments to Sprint stores have averaged about 10-15 units every 2 days, implying about 36K-55K units will have shipped by Saturday (1,200 stores, three shipments of 10-15 units),” Coster said in a research note issued this morning.

Radio Shack has received replenishment shipments, but surprisingly Best Buy has not. Their channel checks included 3 Radio Shack stores and 3 Best Buy stores. My check at Best Buy confirmed more of the same, with the Levittown, NY location receiving just 3 units on June 6th. Employees had no idea when new units would arrive. 

With the iPhone 3G S expected to be released next Friday, it’s becoming increasingly important for Palm to have available phones to meet demand? If customers are faced with a buying decision, the lack of sufficient stock could tip the scales in favor of the iPhone 3G S. 

[via All Things D]

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