Palm Pre and Eos Coming To Verizon Wireless, Says CEO

Lowell McAdam, CEO for Verizon Wireless, spoke at a Barclays Capital conference where he discussed upcoming devices and again confirmed the Palm Pre would be coming to Verizon Wireless. What’s more, McAdam references “the cousin” of the Pre, which we’ll assume is the Palm Eos, codenamed Pixie.

You will see devices like the Palm Pre and the Cousin on our network from Palm. You will see a second-generation Storm. You will see a new device we call the Tour from BlackBerry as well. That is an upscale of any other QWERTY-based devices that we have from BlackBerry today. You’ll see Motorola back into our portfolio. We feel very good about the progress that the Motorola team has made. And, yes, you’re going to see Android devices as well.

McAdam is using every opportunity he has to left investors know about future devices coming to Verizon Wireless. With Sprint getting an exclusive on the Pre and AT&T likely to be the launch partner for the Eos, that leaves Verizon customers waiting. By all accounts, it seems like that wait will be over sometime early in 2010.

[via BGR]

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