Rumor: Palm Pre Release Date Windows

The latest in the Palm Pre release date rumors now lists two windows for a possible Palm Pre release. PhoneNews reports that Sprint will start receiving retail units of the Pre in either late April or early May.  This will allow for training in advance of a May 17th launch. According to the source, if Palm does not deliver enough units, the release date window would be moved to June 29th.

This latest rumor ties in with today’s earlier rumor of Sprint employees starting to receive training on the Pre and a vacation blackout for the month of May for Sprint employees. At one point in time, we hope to have actual concrete information to offer our readers, but on a day where it’s slow news cycle we’ll deliver the paper mache variety. If true, at least we can safely rule out June 30th. In effect, we’ve narrowed the release date window down by one day. Of course, now would be a good time for all who haven’t entered to take part in our Palm Pre Release Date Bingo contest.

[via Phonenews]

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