Palm Pre vs iPhone

Palm Pre vs iPhone has been the topic of discussion in forums and tech blogs ever since the Pre was announced at CES. It appears as if AT&T has gotten into the action, with their AT&T iPhone 3G vs Sprint Palm Pre comparison chart. Of course, this chart intends to arm AT&T sales reps with a slightly slanted bias towards the iPhone. Typically, we’ve seen these sort of comparison sheets, but they are normally drafted by the challenger. Not so this time. If you were questioning the hype surrounding the Palm Pre, it appears that AT&T believes in it.

According to AT&T, the advantages of the iPhone 3G are:

  • Thinner, lighter, bigger screen; metal and glass design
  • Up to 16GB memory, available in black or white
  • Over 25,000 apps available, with almost 1 billion apps downloaded
  • Patented multi-touch screen
  • Built-in widescreen iPod
  • Voice roaming in over 205 countries
  • Global, aGPS for maximum speed, accuracy
  • Free data connections at over 17,000 AT&T WiFi locations
  • JD Power and Associates 2008 Smartphone Customer Satisfaction Winner.

They also provide a list of negatives for the Palm Pre:

  • Limited to 8GB storage
  • Available in Black only.
  • Unproven App Catalag app store
  • Limited 3D gaming experience with webOS constraints
  • Touchscreen gestures "not intuitive"
  • No music sync capability
  • Not a world phone
  • Limited WiFi

A large portion of this checklist is focused on AT&T’s service, as opposed to a direct comparison of features.  Apple’s App Store launched well over a year after the launch of the first iPhone. If Palm is able to deliver ‘core apps’, then they will not need 25,000 apps at launch. Palm would probably acknowledge the above list of ‘negatives’, but will that list affect anyone who planned on buying a Pre? Probably not, as they have all be well publicized.

[via + photo credit PreCentral]

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