Leaked Sprint Training Documents Reveal More About Palm Pre

A few weeks back we heard that Sprint was expected to start training their customer service reps on the Palm Pre. It appears that leaked training docs related to the Palm Pre have found their way to the Internet courtesy of Inside Sprint Now.

Most of the documentation appears to be in line with everything we currently know about the Palm Pre, but here are a few notable points made by the unofficial blogger.

Customers Must Switch to Everything Plan

There are three categories of service plans for this phone—individual, shared, and pooled plans. Some of these plans are existing and some of them are new. In short, the device will require either a Simply Everything/Simply Everything Data Plan or a Business Essentials Data Plan. Even if you are an existing customer, you must switch to one of the approved plans. Remember that the Pre phone requires a data plan to activate the phone, and this is a system function that is unable to be bypassed.

No Phone As Modem

REMEMBER: The Pre phone will not have a Phone as Modem plan option.

Messaging is truly unique on the webOS platform. The Messaging application provides a single interface to manage instant messages and SMS/MMS messages. Synergy enhances the messaging experience by displaying all messages together in chronological order. This lets you switch back and forth between IM and SMS/MMS without losing the context of the coversation. In the buddy view, you see a list of all your contacts that have an IM account and their status. In the conversation view, you see all the messages you’ve sent and received from a specific contact with a label indicating whether that message was sent via IM or SMS/MMS.

[via Inside Sprint Now] Thanks Antonio!

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