Palm To Include Data Transfer Assistant

According to a Sprint representative, the Data Transfer Assistant will be offered to customers looking to move data from their existing devices to the Palm Pre. Back at CES, Palm did confirm there would be an option to move data to the Pre. It appears this promise has taken shape in the form of the Data Transfer Assistant. The Data Transfer Assistant is being pitched as a migration assistant, but no sync capabilities.

It is important not to think of the DTA as synchronization software. It only moves data onto the phone. It does not move data from the phone to the computer.

Once data is on the Palm Pre, customers will be encouraged to use a service compatible with Synergy. These include Gmail and/or Facebook. When asked how to best prepare for the Palm Pre, Palm reps at CES suggested moving all contacts and PIM information to a Gmail account. So while you wait for the Pre, you might want to get your Gmail account in order. 

It’s not clear as to how this will work. It most likely exports data from existing devices into a format that will be imported to the Palm Pre using the Data Transfer Assistant. With so many different devices on the market, will the Data Transfer Assistant support devices outside of Palm. Will BlackBerry, iPhone and others be able to use the Data Transfer app?

[via InsideSprintNow]

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