Forum Member Gets Hands On With Palm Pre, Offers First Impressions

Rumor: One of our forum members has managed to get some actual hands-on time with the Palm Pre.  According to artap99, a friend that does ‘online electronic product reviews‘ managed to get a Palm Pre, but it’s not clear how, why or who for that matter.  In any event, here are his initial impressions of the Palm Pre.

  • Definitely the best phone for Sprint.
  • The absence of an on screen keyboard is notable.
  • The keyboard doesn’t travel very fast and it is crowded for my thumbs. Overall, it isn’t as satisfying as a Blackberry keyboard.
  • The phone itself is noticeably plasticky. I don’t hate the build quality, but I think this could be improved by simply added the touchstone plate on the back to add some traction. There is a good weight to the phone and it isn’t too bulky.
  • The speed isn’t fantastic, but it is iPhone grade. Things take time to open. Transitions aren’t always immediate.
  • Multitasking is nice, and I can see the gesture area becoming both useful and cumbersome.
  • Back to multitasking, there is no noticeable slowdown with more applications open. Everything performs very well. Contextual cards like video and websites slow down transition performance in the card menu when you turn the phone, but that’s about it.
  • The web browser is nice. No flash yet, but that was to be expected. It performs quickly and renders well.

In addition to the short review, this member has been kind enough to field questions in our forums. We fairly certain that Fedex has not made any deliveries to the offices of EverythingPre, but we sit and wait with anticipation.

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