Palm Pre Lands In Sprint Stores, Employees Get Photoshopped

There were rumors yesterday that Sprint advocates were receiving their Palm Pre phones yesterday and that certainly appears to be true. Photos have appeared of the Palm Pre courtesy of a few rebellious employees.


We expect a steady stream, okay flood of these photos to make their way to the Intertubes, events that will likely conclude when technology blogs start receiving their very own Palm Pre review units. No word on if and when that will happen. Until then, get your lifejacket on and be prepared to see more of the Photoshop blur filter in action.

 UPDATE: Our friends at PreCentral received a photo from a Sprint advocate who also offered some first impressions of the Pre. Upon using the Palm Pre, the employees said, "it feels like pure sex in the hand."  They went on to say the all important keyboard is "definitely a cross between a Centro and a Treo Pro keyboard."  The webOS is "amazing" and "responsive."

 [via Gizmodo and PreCentral]


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