iTunes 9.0.2 Update Breaks Palm webOS Media Sync

Coupled with the Apple TV 3.0 software update, Apple also released iTunes 9.0.2. As we suspected when it was fixed in webOS 1.2.1, Apple has once again broken the ability to sync the Palm Pre with iTunes.


There are a number of third party solutions available, including DoubleTwist, that will allow you to continue syncing with iTunes. Of course, we expect Palm will continue this go around with Apple and provide a fix in a future software update. This dance is oh so familiar.

[via PreCentral]


  1. I highly recommend iTuneMyWalkman. It syncs way better tha iTunes does anyway, and your music doesn’t end up hidden and obfuscated on your phone;

    It’s also free, and works with iTunes, so you don’t have to switch media players.

    Doubletwist is a malware bomb.

  2. Palm, either work out an agreement with Apple, or give it up.

  3. CodeMonkey says:

    Sailing Media Sync.
    Job Done.

  4. Screw iTunes. It sucks. Palm just go with Windows Media Player so we can watch videos. You don’t want to be like the iPhone so DON’T work with Apple on iTunes.

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