JAVOSkin for Treo 600 Review

Review: JAVOSkin for Treo 600

Ratings: 4 of 5
By: Christopher Meinck

The first impression of the JAVOskin makes me think of big waves,
surfwax and wetsuits -Treo 600 wetsuits! Kidding aside, the first thing
you notice is the slick rubbery feel reminiscent of a wetsuit. My
surfing career was limited to 30 days of getting slammed in the head
with an 8ft piece of fiberglass, but fortunately I might not be suited
for a review of traditional wetsuits, but I was able to put the
JAVOskin for Treo 600 to the test.

Well built with curves

Okay, I’ve got your attention and so will the JAVOskin. The case is
contoured to specifically fit your Treo 600. There are cuts for the
antenna, power on/off, ringer, stylus and speaker. The bottom of the
Treo is somewhat exposed – however, the case does curve around to
protect corners of the Treo. I found access to the hands-free very easy
and a pleasure. With other cases, it can sometimes be a tight squeeze.
There are raised bevels (for lack of a better word) for the 4 buttons,
4 way directional and keyboard. The keyboard and buttons are all
protected with the JAVOskin.


The 4 buttons and directional were easy to use. In fact, pressing with
the JAVOskin actually felt cool – it almost fattens the buttons
and gives a little bounce upon depressing. Going from a completely
exposed keyboard to the JAVOskin takes some getting used to and I was
able to come close to the same level of usability. You need to press
harder on the buttons to get the "feel". If you’ve used a Treo 300 and
went to the Treo 600, the transition you experienced going from the 300
keyboard to the 600 keyboard is similar. If you’re a graffiti user,
then you will not have to worry about this learning curve.

Grip and rip

The JAVOskin feels great and allows for a "good grip" on your
smartphone. It also won’t slip and slide on surfaces – I would presume
this might be helpful in a car setting. JAVOskin is the minimalist case
(which is good) and as such, it doesn’t come equipped with a belt clip.
If you’re a belt clip user, this case might be a good weekend
alternative when you need a solid, yet small case.

Protect that Treo 600

The JAVOedge for Treo 600 offers solid protection from the elements.
The transparent casing and contour design are intended to offer
protection without a bulky case. As such, there are minor tradeoffs. I
don’t suppose the JAVOedge would prevent damage to your Treo 600 if it
suffered a major drop. Then again, you don’t have that will most cases.
The JAVOedge will protect your Treo from scratches from dropping. The
basic credo here is: "Try not to drop your Treo 600 regardless of the
case you have".


The transparent JAVOskin offers slick protection from the elements
while allowing full and complete access to your Treo at an affordable
price. It’s well constructed and fits
the Treo 600 like a wetsuit. Hang ten with the JAVOskin.

The JAVOskin retails for $28.95.

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