Jon Rubinstein To Appear At D: Dive Into Mobile

From the folks that bring you All Things D in the sprint comes a new conference that focuses strictly on mobile appropriately titled D: Dive Into Mobile. This year, Jon Rubinstein of HP Palm will be one of the many participants. The event takes place on December 6-7. We’re thinking it would be a good time to release webOS 2.0 in or around those dates. In any event, it should be interesting to hear Palm’s plans for 2011.
Dive Into Mobile

via All Things D


  1. Interesting meeting to come. I was wondering if JR would resist the questions about new hardware for the Palm smartphones ?

  2. Anonymous says:

    He’s not going to show off new hardware. My guess is that he’ll be talking about webOS 2.0 and an exciting roadmap. On December 7th, we’ll be talking CES, where it’s possible HP Palm makes a big splash. I just booked my trip this weekend, so I’ll be there if they have any events planned.

  3. Agree.

    Chris are you going to make a live webcast blog for CES 2011? Thanks.

  4. Either way it is a good sign that he is maintaining thought leadership in the space. The connections with all things digital are good. Keeping on top of the mindshare is going to be important to push the platform.

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