Keyboard-less webOS phone gets our hopes up

There are no shortage of black slab phones on the market. From the iPhone to Android to Windows Phone. Even RIM has the Storm. When Palm first announced the Pre, they said to expect a family of webOS devices. The family has been limited to the Pre and Pixi, both featuring physical keyboards. For the most part, the market appears to show a preference to slab devices. HTC EVO, Nexus One, iPhone and so on. Prior to HP’s big product unveiling, we outlined our hopes for Palm’s new hero phone. The Pre 3 looks to be a very attractive phone, but it’s not a major departure from the current form factor. If your target market are folks interested in vertical sliders, then it’s a grand slam due to the limited number of devices that share this design (Torch, ?). A tipster has sent PreCentral a photo of what appears to be an HP webOS phone in a slab format. Could it be? Is HP finally realizing that a large portion of users are demanding larger displays, without a cumbersome physical keyboard?

webOS slab phone

Not much is known about this mysterious new device, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled. This could be a start of the webOS family of products promised back in 2009.

Source: PreCentral


  1. Fahadchaudhry says:

    OMG! Now that’s what people want (I equally like Palm Pre design) but this looks so good. Hope HP brings it to market quickly.

  2. Toolie3043 says:

    I have been waiting and hoping the Palm Pre would come to Australia but sadly nothing yet , I miss my old Treo 680 with its keyboard and fantastic/perfect Sync ability . Have been using the Android system in 2011 and am not overly excited , So come on HP pull your finger out if WEBOS is a patch on the old Palm OS its a winner .

  3. Airfare says:

    don’t worry toolie there’s always overseas purchase…….

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