Mark Space Releases Missing Sync for Windows Mobile Featuring Support For Treo 700w

Mark Space Releases Missing Sync for Windows Mobile Featuring Support For Treo 700w

July 18, 2006

By: Christopher Meinck

Mark/Space has released version 2.5 of The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile. This release enables syncing between the Palm Treo 700w and the Mac platform.

Missing Sync for Treo 700w

Mark/Space announced today that it has released an update to its popular synchronization software for Mac OS X, The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile. The new 2.5 release runs natively on Intel and PowerPC Macs alike and adds support for smartphones and Pocket PCs that run Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 5 operating system, including the Palm Treo 700w.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to provide Mac users with the first native software application for connecting and synchronizing important information with Windows Mobile 5 devices,” said Brian Hall, Mark/Space president and CEO. “This release means that Mac users can finally get excited about connecting all sorts of cool Windows Mobile devices, like the Cingular 8125, Motorola Q, Palm Treo 700w and Sprint PPC-6700.”

The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile provides connectivity and synchronization capabilities for Mac users with handheld devices running Windows Mobile 2002, 2003 or 5. Windows Mobile 5 devices, which began shipping at the end of last year, posed a problem for existing synchronization products, because significant changes were made to how these devices establish secure connections and sync with personal computers.

In addition to adding support for the latest devices, this release improves synchronization of contacts, calendar events and tasks with Apple’s Address Book and iCal applications, as well as with Microsoft Entourage 2004. Version 2.5 also introduces a toolbar that provides quick access to the most used commands and a customizable, drag-and-drop install feature that recognizes certain file types, such as music, pictures and video, and puts them in the proper place on the device. Users can now purchase Mac-friendly Windows Mobile software, like award-winning games from Astraware and Talking Dictionaries from Beiks, by clicking the Shop tab in The Missing Sync.

The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile employs Apple’s Sync Services technology, introduced in Mac OS X 10.4, which allows third-party applications to sync information with a central database. Users of Chronos SOHO Organizer, Market Circle Daylite and other Sync Services-savvy applications can sync information back and forth from these apps to Windows Mobile devices via The Missing Sync, allowing flexibility when it comes to choosing a desktop information management application.

To further the company’s goal of expanding the Windows Mobile platform’s connectivity options with the Mac, Mark/Space has built a capable plugin architecture into The Missing Sync, which gives third-party developers the ability to connect Mac applications with programs running on Windows Mobile devices. For example, it’s possible to create a plugin that synchronizes monetary transactions between a financial management application on the Mac and expense software on the device. Mark/Space hopes to see new plugins developed that expand the usefulness of these devices specifically for Mac users.

Version 2.5 is $39.95 new (download) or a free upgrade for owners of version 2.0. Owners of certain other Mark/Space products can upgrade for $19.95.

More information on the Missing Sync can be found at Mark/Space.

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