Microsoft Borrows Palm’s Advertising for Windows Phone 7 Series

Did you see those great ads pushed out the other day from Palm? It looks like Microsoft, who forgot to borrow copy & paste or multi-tasking, has the same ad team or at least the same great idea. Now it’s time for Palm to creatively borrow a few elements from the Microsoft ad. How about adding a few different demographics and have the people in the ads carrying webOS phones.

Are we off in our assessment or do these commercials look terribly similar?

TechCrunch via everythingWM


  1. Patricia says:

    Their ad looks terribly BORING compared to Palm’s! I was nodding off and actually stopped it before it was done. Looked like the stuff they kept showing on the phone was the same boring crap over and over.

    I wonder if their phones will be as reliable as their operating systems? LMAO

  2. I agree w/ Patricia. Microsoft’s ad is similar to palm’s, but is boring and redundant (kind of like Microsoft). Kudos to Palm for finally putting out some good ads. I must say, I liked the “creepy girl” palm ads, but I understand why they didn’t have mass appeal.

  3. A bit long, IMO. I actually know the girl from the Microsoft commercial, kind of a funny twist.

  4. too long MS ad, but showing the phone and effective last sigh of that mom , targeting them as well????

    Palms is much better,apps, music, sexy and charmy ladie,just needs to show a little more the phone and they are done.

  5. They start out VERY similarly, but the MSFT ad (to me at least) shows a wider variety of users and flow. Having a kid using the phone also shows the broad appeal & ease of use expected. Its a wash.

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