Missing Sync Review

Review: Missing Sync

Ratings: 5

By: Christopher Meinck

Palm History of Updates

I’ve been using a Palm device to keep my life organized for as long as
I can remember. My first Palm looked like an offshoot of the old Mattel
football game handhelds. It didn’t take me long to get hooked. As soon
as I got a copy of Claris Organizer, the thought of synchronizing this
with a portable PDA with my PowerMac 6100/60 was just too much for my
geekdom to handle. I used my trusty Palm for a number of years until I
traded it in for an Orange Handspring Visor. I got my wife a Sony Clie’
to get her life organized. I’ve had sporadic times where I thought I
could get by without a PDA. Foolish me. When news of the Treo spread, I
was ready to trade-in my trusty orange Visor for a Treo 180. I’ve moved
to the 300 and now I’m the proud owner of the Treo 600.

Missing Sync for Mac and Treo

It’s Still Just Claris Organizer

Throughout this entire upgrade path, Mac users have used basically one application:
Claris Organizer. It might be called something different, but it’s
Claris Organizer. I know this because I can still choose from those
great themes.. Caveman…Grey Stripes. (pun intended) There have been
upgrades, but nothing major that would stop the presses. If you did a
side by side comparison between Claris Organizer and Palm Desktop 4.1,
you couldn’t tell the difference. One of the key components of Palm
Desktop has always been HotSync Manager. Similar to Palm Desktop, this
too has not seen vast improvements since the days of Claris. When PDA’s
exploded on the scene, there were several that didn’t even work with
the Mac. Thankfully for countless Clie’ owners, there was Mark/Space’s
Missing Sync which offered HotSync capability to devices that never had
it before. Out of the box, all Treo’s work with HotSync manager. With
the advent of iCal, iPhoto, iTunes, there is a great need for Mac users
to have more control of how they sync to their Treo. Dealing with
music, photos and the synchronization of your contacts, date book, etc
needed a more robust sync’ing solution. Missing Sync might just be the
missing link.

iTunes Integration

Do you have PocketTunes to play MP3’s on your Treo 600. Well, if you’re
Mac user, than you’re most likely using iTunes to manage your MP3’s..
If not, then go straight to www.apple.com/itunes and download it today.
If you want to take your MP3’s on the road with your Treo 600, Missing
Sync makes this easy. While connected via the cradle or the dock,
select the Missing Sync application on your PalmOne Treo 600.It will
mount your Treo 600’s SD card. It will appear in iTunes as a drive.
This is a great feature of Missing Sync. Those who own an iPod will
recognize this view. Drag and drop the MP3’s to your SD card. When
finished, eject it by dragging to the trash. Go on your way and enjoy
your music. Music purchased through iTunes will not work due the copy
protection format. You’ll need an iPod to that.

iPhoto Goes Mobile

There are a number of applications that allow you to view your photos
on the Treo 600 and offer slide shows, etc. Well, if you are a road
warrior or simply want to share photos, then why not use the Treo 600?
Apple makes photo management easy with iPhoto and Missing Sync allows
you to transfer your photos directly from iPhoto to your Treo. I found
this particularly useful when I set up my Call Picture ID’s within
CallFilter. Missing Sync asks you to export using specific settings. I
used the default 320×320 and it worked perfect. Missing Sync ships with
a demo of Splash Photo if you do not have a photo application on your

Just Sync

While reviewing this application, I got caught up with the integration
of iTunes and iPhoto. However, the core of this application is it’s
ability to unseat HotSync Manager and offer robust sync’ing. Upon
installation, Missing Sync will ask if you want to place it in your

Selecting the application allows you to set default sync for datebook,
contacts, memo pad, to do list and backup. MissingSync also supports
drag and drop installation of files. You can choose to install files on
the SD card as well. If you choose to use iSync, then you can enable
the conduit from this window. It’s important that you have this
installed BEFORE using Missing Sync. If the conduit is not installed,
then iSync will require you use HotSync Manager to enable it. After
installing MissingSync, you won’t be able to launch HotSync Manager. I
should note that MissingSync simply manages the activities of your
conduits. It does not replace conduits. For instance, if you use iCal
& Address book, you’re still going to have to use the iSync
conduit. Missing Sync will help you manage the iSync conduit, but
you’ll be subject to the deathly slow sync caused by this conduit. It’s
no fault of Missing Sync, but rather Apple’s iSync which is slow and
clunky. Mark/Space does fill the gap missing by providing a Memo Book
application that allows for syncing between your Mac and your Treo.
You’ll notice there are tremendous improvements and added capabilities
with Missing Sync as compared to HotSync Manager.


It’s nice to see a company like Mark/Space support the Mac PDA
community. The Treo has always been Mac compatible, but HotSync Manager
offers just bare bones conduit management. With smartphones such as the
Treo, there is such a great need for improved multimedia hot sync
management.I’d recommend it for those looking to take advantage of the multi-media features of the Treo 600 through the integration of iTunes and iPhoto. It will also help you corral and take control of your conduits. The interface makes conduit
management a breeze and I thought the SD card management and install
process makes it a winner. Bravo! Now, if we can only get an update to
Claris Organizer or improved iFamily products, we’ll be in business.
Apple, let’s see some improvements in Tiger!

Missing Sync is priced at $39.95.

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