More “Life Moves Fast, Don’t Miss a Thing” Ads

In case  you missed these, Palm has a few new ads in support of the new “Life Moves Fast, Don’t Miss a Thing” campaign. One noticeable difference is the appearance of a phone in the ads, which was a complaint about the original ad. Next round, it would be great if we could see a glimpse of the phone to distinguish it as a Palm phone. Palm logo on the back will suffice. All in all, job well done. Anyone see these on their favorite show or sporting event? Let us know in the comments. Also hit us up if you know what songs are used in the commercials.


  1. I really love these ads, but I do fear they move a bit too fast and aren’t as instructional as Apple’s. They should be confident and show the UI more directly, like in the AT&T videos.

  2. AKITAYO says:

    These are the best latest ads I have seen from Palm as well as the AT&Ts. El Modernista sent me a facebook message because I criticized them about the sub realistic enviromment of the firts ads, not understandable for a normal consumer than even know Salvador Dali (the father of sub-realism painting), but I liked the Pixi ad. I think they got on track now. Apparently they are still doing ads for Palm?

  3. ok so what’s the mystery, what music is playing in the background of the two videos???

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