More Palm Pre 2 Photos Surface

Just one day after the SFR page went live with the Palm Pre 2, we’ve got a few new photos of the supposed Palm Pre 2. The form factor is largely the same. It’s a polished stone design with a slider. Some noticeable changes include the removable of the USB door and appears to be a matte finish on the sides and back making it touchstone friendly. The front of device seems flatter. We’ve heard some scuttlebutt about it being a glass screen, which would be a major improvement.

Palm Pre 2

Palm Pre 2

Palm Pre 2

This new Pre will feature a 1Ghz processor and 512MB of RAM. Of course, no word on pricing or US availability. Seems to us like this is more of what we expected from the Palm Pre Plus than the Palm Pre 2. If you love your Pre, this will be a fine update, but will it inspire people to jump to the webOS platform? It will be interesting to see what hardware HP will bring in 2011.

MobiFrance via PreCentral via MechanicalMind


  1. awww I like the orange keys on the sprint pre

  2. I think the leak photos are fakes, phone looks the same size, the screen the same size, y not use the whole phone,2 much space under the screen. Really not a better processor then wats out? 1ghz? Shulda went 1.4 ghz, no front cam that I c? palm or palmHP puts out new products, this new model is just like going from a pre 2 a pre plus. weres the leap???

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