Mr. Handsfree Family Charger Review

Review: Mr. Handsfree Family Charger

Ratings: 3 of 5
By: Christopher Meinck

The family charger allows you to organize the process of
powering up your cellphones. If you’re family has a collection of cellphones
taking up space on the kitchen table, then this could be the solution for you.

Mr. Handsfree Family Charger

What’s Included

The first thing I noticed (or didn’t notice) was the Mr. Handsfree logo
anywhere on the box. Not that I’d confuse it with brands such as Sony or Pepsi,
but I didn’t expect a family charger from “Premier”. Either way, I was more interested
in it’s functionality. The package comes with:

  • Family charger
  • 3 plastic phone holders
    • Charger

      The unit itself is made of plastic and comes with 3 adjustable inserts for
      your portable mobile devices. These slide into the front of the charger. By adjusting the insert, you can fit a Treo 650, Treo 600 and probably any normal cellphone. The Treo 600 would not fit when tested with a Vaja iVolution T6 case. This takes some of the convenience and purpose away from the product. If it’s intended to organize your “kitchen counter”, you’ll have your Family Charger and case next to it thus reducing your organization. The charger’s cable felt solid – no different from one you’d find on a good powerstrip. There is a switch to power on the Family Charger and an LED light to indicate power.


      Setting up the unit was relatively easy. You plug in your AC adapter and then “hide” the additional cabling in the base of the Family Charger. You then feed the other end to the front of the charger. In the case of the Treo 600, the cable was too thick to “snap in” to the area that secures the cabling underneath the unit.(See Image Gallery for photo) You slide your phones into the unit and attach your power cables. Power on the unit and you’re phone(s) will start charging.


      The Mr.Handsfree Family Charger aka Premier Family Charger delivered on it’s promise to charge three mobile devices and provided sufficient cable management to organize our phones. In our house, we sometimes grab our chargers to take to the office or when travelling. For this reason, the Family Charger could be more of a hinderance. With a family of iPods, the Family Charger only went half-way towards organizing our mobile devices. Suprisingly, the unit does not support iPod charging. If you have 3 or less cellphones, the Family Charger can certainly organize your cellphone charging situation. Those with more devices would be better suited creating a “makeshift” Family Charger using a standard power strip.

      The Mr.Handsfree Family Charger retails for $29.95.

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