My Phantom Skinz Experience

I put Phantom Skinz protector from  onto my Pre. I chose this one because of the special 50% price and they give you two of them.  There was also a post somewhere online that said this product had less of an orange peel effect.  Sadly, at first I thought orange peel effect was orange staining on the screen cover after installation. NO WAY I wanted that so that was a big factor. Later I found it was a texture effect and not staining of cover or screen….silly me. But in the end, I figure all of these screen covers do the same thing protect and heal from scratches. So, I went with the deal.

Install was easier than I thought. I was really worried about air bubbles or messing it up because this is first time using this type of screen protector. I thought it would stick permanently.  It doesn’t.  But I recommend watching all of the videos. DO NOT TOUCH THE STICKY PART. I did this, put it on and I had a smudge that was showing. Didn’t think it was a big deal but it was. So luckily I had a second protector to use and glad I put it on right. I had 2 air bubbles on front but said it was okay since everything else looked really smooth. I was worried about too much water on the screen so make sure you shake off as much water as you can. After wards, use toilet paper and touch TP to any water drops….don’t rub. When they say let the edges dry before ‘rolling’ onto the edges, wait. If there are water drops, it will slide around and not stick.

I felt like the edges overlapped so I cut the ends a bit….DON’T DO THIS. I have too much space and thus I now have a ‘rivet’ and it’s a bit annoying. The ends do not peel off but they are not smooth and you can tell I cut them.  But PZ was VERY KIND and will be sending me a small square to fill in those gaps. They wanted to send a full skin but I said no because it’s not worth losing my smoothness from the original install. I’m waiting for the small square and see if that works.

Lastly, after 1-2 hours, take off the battery cover because there was some water drops, few, so I just dried with TP.

Remember those 2 air bubbles I had….GONE! I was SO happy. So this is the healing effect I guess.  I’m tempted to do the scratch test but why bother, just trust that it works. I’m really happy with the product….very smooth looking and close to the original. As I don’t have comparison to other brands I can’t say if there is orange peel effect or not. But if it’s what I think it is, PZ does not cause it if you put smooth and close enough onto your Pre.

Lastly, Customer Service is GREAT!!! Email responses are prompt. The ePre forum user is prompt. And they will give you replacement parts if you mess up.

Go get yours….your Pre is worth it.





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