New Family of Palm Smartphones “Unlike Anything”

Palm is once again creating buzz, only this time it surrounds what every Palm user has been waiting for and that’s Palm new-ness. With Apple’s iPhone dominating the consumer market and RIM leading the US smartphone market overall, Palm’s announcement is seen by many as the last stand from the company that started the entire smartphone craze years ago.

The announcement on January 8th will not be a new color for the Centro or even a Sprint Treo Pro. No, this event is much bigger. Private equity firm Elevation Partners has invested over $325 million into Palm and has also brought in new talent, plenty of which has come from Apple. As someone who remembers the dark days of Apple, the similarities between the two companies are striking. They are even modeling their plan of a comeback on Apple, where marquee products led to financial success. Roger McNamee, one of the chief financeirs and founders of Elevation Partners, says the products will be different than anything on the market. iPhones excel at entertainment, while RIM is best at email. McNamee says Palm will create devices that will "help consumers meld work and play"

Palm has generated buzz once again, but can they deliver? As a Palm user, what are you hoping for come January 8th? Let us know what you think in our comments section. Be sure to check out Everything Treo on January 8th for live coverage of the event.

via Business Week

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