New Palm Ad “Life Moves Fast. Don’t Miss a Thing”

Palm has dropped a new ad that you’re likely be seeing in heavy rotation on the major networks. In short, it’s good and really showcases the multi-tasking functionality of the Pre. It’s more about the webOS and in fact, no phones are to be seen at all in the ad.

Love it? Hate it? Let us know in the comments.

via PreCentral


  1. Finally! A not terrible ad from Palm! Maybe more people will be interested in buying their amazing products now that the ads show more about the functionality of webOS.

    Correction, I think you mean “/Life/ moves fast” ?

  2. This actually demonstrates the capabilities of the devise rather than the cool factor. I love my Pre and this ad really does a great job of showing some of its features!

  3. love it

  4. wow Palm finally is making what they should did from the very beginning, showing apps. The ad is fantastic, everything.

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