Next Up For Verizon Wireless Is Treo 755p

Verizon Wireless announced they will be releasing the Palm Treo 755p this fall.

This release will most likely represent the last release of the Palm OS based Treo as we know it. It is possible that Verizon will pick up the Palm OS based Palm Centro in January at the conclusion of Sprint’s 3 month exclusive. The Treo 755p is the Palm OS based follow-up to the Treo 700p, released in June of 2006. The Treo 700p has been plagued by software issues that were further complicated by a faulty firmware release earlier this year that resulted in network connectivity issues. Verizon and Palm have since resolved the issue with the release of the Treo 700p update 1.10 in September.

No official release date has been made, but expect Verizon to have the Treo 755p in stores for the holidays.

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