Not So Fast on webOS Speed Fixes

A few days ago we reported on Palm’s acknowledgement of speed issues affecting the UI of webOS and it was suggested that improvements would be forthcoming in “the immediate future”. PalmInfoCenter points us to an update to the post on Ajaxian that pours a bit of cold water on our hopes these speed improvements might be imminent.


Some of the notes have been taken out of context, so we wanted to clarify: We started with a talk on the the future of the mobile Web. This talked about the potential of the Web as the platform for devices, and why we were excited to join Palm… We don’t comment on our specific SDK plans, and while we are personally excited about the Web gaining GPU acceleration via technologies like WebGL and CSS Transforms, and we would like to see webOS gain these capabilities to allow web developers to better leverage our fantastic hardware, we were answering a question about our personal opinion on what we’d like to see happen to the platform. We don’t believe the term “immediate” was even mentioned by us, and we are sorry that people have read too much into this particular topic.

Doesn’t appear that webOS 1.3.1 will feature the speed increase the UI needs and most users want. In lieu of a speed increase, would a native Facebook app suffice?


  1. How about just fixing the the random bug that forces the phone offline and drains the battery in 2 hrs. I’ve missed countless text messages and calls. Won’t mattter if there is a new facebook interface if the phone is offline and can’t access the internet.

  2. what a big tease that was. as a result the real comment that comes to mind for me is *&%^ Palm. you’ve got until Christmas for me!

  3. I feel Palm has spent too much time with iTunes compatability than they should have. Make a plugin and get over it. While your at it Palm, fix my calendar sync woes and speed up this interface. Have none of you takin a basic UI course? Responsiveness is almost as important as ease of use!

    they’re lucky the iPhone and Droid aren’t on Sprint, or any other decent phones for that matter, because IMO most people would have bailed from the Pre by now.

  4. I finally got to try a real Pre unit at the local phone shop today and I was disappointed at the speed of the UI. Its prevalent everywhere and enough to be irksome. Such a shame.

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