Palm and Movistar Launch Treo 650 on Movistar Network

Palm and Movistar Launch Treo 650 on Movistar Network

By: Christopher Meinck

Companies Launch Innovative Business Tool “Oficina Movistar” for the Mexican Market

Palm, Inc. (Nasdaq:PALM), a leader in mobile computing, and Movistar, owned by Telefonica Moviles of Spain, are offering the latest Movistar corporate solution, Oficina movistar, on the Palm(R) Treo(TM) 650 smartphone in the Mexican market. The solution provides professionals an innovative tool that supports their business and personal lives.

Oficina movistar, which was introduced in February, provides companies with a mobile office solution on a portable handheld device, enabling professionals to access corporate emails, contact lists, calendars, to-do lists, and the Internet while out of the office.(1) Designed to work with Movistar’s EDGE (Enhanced Data for Global Evolution) network, the Treo 650 smartphone has proven to be a powerful device for Movistar’s enterprise customers.(2)

“The demand for all-in-one devices continues to increase, and the Treo 650 smartphone is the perfect solution for business professionals who need fast access to the information and applications that matter most to them,” said Ignacio Gallego, general manager of Palm Mexico. “We are pleased to continue to work with operators like Telefonica Moviles Mexico in an effort to put the latest member of the Treo family within reach of Mexican customers.”

“Movistar is committed to offering the highest-quality, world-class solutions to our customers,” says Juan Antonio Azcarraga, director of communications of Telefonica Moviles Mexico. “This mission inspires us to work with companies like Palm that offer the latest-generation tools that seamlessly integrate with our enterprise applications. At Movistar, we consider ourselves the strategic partners of our enterprise clients, and we offer customized solutions to meet their needs and specifications.”

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